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there are also free downloads scattered about the site - mostly in use as demonstrations of how chord-sequences sound and how they are used, and some low res saxophone ringtones. You can find them by going to chords menu and browsing or by viewing our home page.

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Some are only a minute and a half or so, but they will in due course be pieces you can download sheet music for. They are not essential to your studies, but you might like them. Most of them cost 70 or 80 pence sterling (0.70 or 0.80 GBP).

titles currently available:

The Ultimate Pavanne by Bruce Richmond and Hugh Harris

Hear a snippet of UltimatePavanne.

Bruce Richmond has taken the chords and tunes in 'Pavanne' and ingeniously reorganised them, and then added words to get something quite unique. I don't think you will have heard the likes of it before. Probably it is rock, but whatever it is it has an awful lot of content. The recording is a multitrack recording made by Bruce Richmond and Hugh Harris (only), and nearly all the sound engineering is by Bruce. The words - well, listen to them and decide what you think it is about. We have a photo of Bruce playing a snaredrum with two (unmatched) paintbrushes here:

and this is only one of the many eccentricities that occurred during the making of this recording.

More about this act here

There are a few faults here, but nevertheless I think you will agree that this is a landmark amongst pop recordings.

PG:- there may be a parental guidance matter here, in that one of the verses has the sentence: "waiting round for others to finally shift their "****", although I find it difficult to imagine who these parents might be.

MP3 only - but those of you with a good ear will be able to pick up what chords and which parts of the tune he has used in what places from other areas of this site.

About 4mins 24 seconds.

There are more conventional versions of 'Pavanne' elsewhere on this site.

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Saxophone ensembles

Queen's Farewell A saxophone quintet arranged by Tim Israel. Elizabethan, not surprisingly, as it was played at the funeral of Queen Elizabeth the 1st. (but not with saxophones). MP3.

Pavan for a Shawm Band arranged for 5 saxophones by Tim Israel. Middle Ages. A baroque pavan. MP3.

Frog Galliard arranged for 4 saxophones by Tim Israel. Don't know what century, but this crops in various student books, so I expect you will know about as much as I do (or more) about it. MP3.

Misty Afternoon by Hugh Harris 1989. For 5 saxophones. HH thinks this is a pastiche of 1930's Ellington, but that may be stretching things..... MP3.

Plaisir d'Amour arranged by Tim Israel.(quartet). MP3.

Other ensembles

Marrow Calypso - written and played by Harry Michaels. A multitrack recording of a song about a man who meets a lady out shopping....and then she sees his marrow!....hear all about it!

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